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  • Do you love the ease, the convenience and the immediacy of email - but hate the increasing amounts of bulk spam mail that come with it?
  • Doesn't it seem that for every one email you send out, you get 10 or more pieces of junk mail back?
  • Ever notice that whenever you fill out a form on a web page that asks for your email address, you almost immediately start getting unsolicited email from companies you’ve never heard of, regarding things you never asked about?
  • Aren't you tired of providing personal data about your identity to privacy-mocking corporations collecting information about you for their own profit?


MailMoat lets you take your email address BACK from the bad guys!  Block the disgusting, repetitive spam; go ahead and give your email address where YOU want, and still avoid being added to their lists of victims for bulk UCE (Unsolicited Commercial Email).

Think of your email problem in telephone terms – there are some people whom you want to be able to call you, and some that you don’t (like obnoxious telemarketers).  Imagine being able to give out one phone number to your family and friends and “disposable” phone numbers to the people who have no legitimate reason to contact you over and over again.  Wouldn’t it be great if all those phone numbers forwarded to your real (unlisted) telephone number, and you could turn the “disposable” numbers on and off, whenever the calls got too numerous and annoying?   If you could make calls and be certain that one of your “disposable” numbers would show up on Caller ID?  And should one of your “disposable” numbers be passed around or sold, all you’d have to do is disable it to prevent even more unwanted calls from reaching you.

That’s basically how MailMoat works.  We provide you with a virtually endless supply of disposable email addresses (we call them aliases) for you to pass out to anyone you want. All of them will forward to your existing email account*, and YOU decide just how much email you want to be able to receive on each.  If you’re getting overwhelmed by junk mail on an alias, just expire it; MailMoat will reject any future email sent to that address with an “Invalid Email Address” error message – and even if it gets sold and resold a hundred times, the spammers still don’t have your REAL email address and their database will be polluted with email addresses that are no good.  Sign up today, and get the ultimate in spam prevention and email privacy protection technology!

*an existing e-mail account is still required. MailMoat does not provide e-mail accounts at this time. Our service works in conjunction with your already existing e-mail account.


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