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How do spammers find me?

Ever notice how subscribing to a new magazine, sending in a warranty card, ordering something from a catalog or entering a contest causes even more junk mail to show up in your mailbox every day? That's because these companies try to maximize their profits by selling your name and mailing address to all of those mass marketers out there trying to reach into your pocket. They'll try to sell any info they get from you to anybody who will buy it, and if they have your email address, the spammers will buy it.

Unfortunately, sending spam is very profitable. Consequently, spammers are some of the most devious and persistent schemers out there, and so in addition to buying email addresses, they spend their days coming up with other ways to get email addresses of new victims.

Has your email address ever been listed on a web page, noted in a guestbook, mentioned in a chat room, or anything else online? If so, it's probably been grabbed by spammers. Their computers are constantly scanning web sites, chat rooms, etc. by the millions, looking for new email addresses.

Because email is virtually free to send, spammers can program their computers to test millions of guessed-at email addresses in hopes of finding a few valid new ones. How many Johns, Marys, Bobs and Sues have a number tacked on the end of their name and a common email provider after the @ sign as their address? It doesn't take spammers long to try thousands of combinations on hundreds of email systems. The email systems even help them weed out the invalid addresses by bouncing them right back!

You may have even inadvertently helped the spammers, too. Every time you "Click here to be removed from our e-mail list" or "Reply to this message with 'Remove' in the subject line", you are confirming that your email address is real, and that spam response requests work on you. What a way to make a spammer's day. You've just made your email address worth a lot more when they sell it.

How to beat the spammers at their own game:
  • NEVER check the little box that says you want to be on their mailing list. Unless you're giving them a MailMoat alias!
  • ALWAYS look for the little box that's already checked, and uncheck it! Leaving it checked gives them permission to sell, loan or trade your info, including your email address.
  • NEVER give out your real email address. Unless you really trust them not to abuse it, or unless you use a MailMoat alias!
  • ALWAYS check their Privacy Policy!
  • Use MailMoat!

Sign up for MailMoat.com today! You can then use your disposable email addresses instead of your real email address and make life harder for the spammer.. 

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