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How MailMoat.com Works

     MailMoat.com is built around the idea of an endless supply of disposable (and self-destructing!) e-mail addresses that you can give to anyone you don't trust. E-mails they send to the alias that you gave them are automatically forwarded to your existing e-mail account* (no need to separately check a dozen e-mail accounts if you give out a dozen aliases!). Each alias automatically dies after a date or number of forwarded messages that you set, or you can kill it at will. Live or dead, the alias is *not* traceable to either you or your real e-mail address. (We aren't immune to search warrants - do please take your business elsewhere if you need that feature!)
*an existing e-mail account is still required.  MailMoat does not provide e-mail accounts at this time.  Our service works in conjunction with your already existing e-mail account.

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